Angela Shephard

It has been over 20 years since I had to juggle children and jobs; however, I know the difference a program like I.F.G.R. Village could have made in my life. My child was outside of daycare age and I coming home from work (not the club, not the happy hour), and the evenings seemed too short to get homework, quality time and dinner before bedtime. I think this partnership will be the breath of fresh air you need for a busy life. 


I.F.G.R. Village has partnered with Section 8 Housing to improve their community and support parents with their school age children. 

I.F.G.R. Village provides after school tutoring, dinner, and mentoring until 630pm Monday- Friday. The magic occur right in the conveniece of the students subdivision or apartment complex. 

Please send an inquiry if you feel your property can benefit from this program.