Volunteers at Food Bank
Community Outreach Service

We encourage all of our students to become involved in their communities. We desire they will be socially responsible in caring for their elders, and the world around them.


Local Houston students will have outings to fellowship and assist in Star of Hope volunteering, local food bank volunteering and other community projects.


If you are not in the Houston local area, please contact me:

I may able to assist in referrals for your local area to volunteer.  


The Ensemble Theatre'

   Local Houston Area Students


To broaden students exposures we will solicit partnerships with local  theatre companies and/or send tickets for students that are located in other cities to visit a local museum or theater.

The Ark Encounter

Through the bible study, we would like to share with the students a replica of the ark that was recorded in Genesis. 


Youth building positive relationships 


The kingdom of God is relational. We are encouraging our students to build positive relationships and disciple other children for the kingdom of God. 

Local Houston students will have quarterly fellowships at bowling alleys, skating rinks, BBQ and Gospel Karaoke, and other events will be announced. 



Students become acquainted with becoming a real disciple of Jesus Christ. Initially, we sit at His feet and learn His Word through the instructor lead classes. Once they have accepted the gospel message, we will equip them to share the gospel with others. We would like students to attend at least one ipray on campus event. This is a time of youth prayer, worship and praise with other youth on fire for God.

We are encouraging foreign language as a part of their learning to embrace other cultures to aid in disciplining the world. 

Upcoming Events